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Update on MEDICA Germany Nov 15-18, 2021

As aways, we enjoyed going to Germany. The people are tremendous.

However, this time around, the fear of quarantines and COVID variants curbed our enthusiasm. It seems, it had a much larger and visible impact on prospective attendees to the fair. The footfall was about 30% of what it would normally be - our guess. There seemed to be more exhibitors than visitors. It was extremely easy to get on trains (to and fro the exhibition) - which was not a surprise this time around.

One thing to note about MEDICA: Their information management is very spotty - perhaps because companies don't fill in *their own* information correctly. However, it always has been hard to find people / companies. The fair itself also seems more geared towards companies making "widget" (devices) - information technology / SaaS / AI is not what MEDICA is known for.

The one who found us were hardcore interests and made our outing worthwhile.

That being said, we will have a real hard look at 2022's outing.

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