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DmC Devil May Cry - All DLCs CODEX Latest




The angel abilities give him increased movement speed and the ability to dash and fly in place, while the demon moves allow him to attack and launch large explosive projectiles. Nier: Automata Dante Alighieri (キャラクター名) (風) The main protagonist of the story, a "nymph" (妖精) born from the body of an android, and possesses angelic abilities. In the games, he is able to use his powers without the need of equipment. His avatar appears to be based on a medieval representation of Dante's face, but his actual appearance is a combination of a variety of different characters. When using his demon powers, Dante will shift between the angelic and demon forms, depending on the situation. Alicia, (アルリア) The young and energetic leader of the Silver Bullets, she serves as an assistant to Dante and is a former member of the Dark Elfin, having joined it with the intent of being a test subject for the ELN organization. She is shown to have a pet tiger-like Rimi (羅美), whom she names as her boyfriend. Rimi (羅美) (胖) A tiger-like Rimi is Alicia's pet. Kasumi, (カスミ) A short and enthusiastic female member of the Silver Bullets, she has a strong sense of justice and has displayed remarkable skill in battle. She and Dante met in the past, after he was taken captive by the Dark Elfin. Machias, (マチアイズ) An android created by the ELN to be a new type of weapons designer. He was severely injured when the Dark Elfin managed to take control over him, and along with two others, they were sent to hunt down the ones responsible. Shino, (翼) The second android created by the ELN. He is very intelligent, yet lacks emotions. He was deployed to learn from Machias and find out more information about the organization. When Dante freed him from the Dark Elfin, he gave the impression of an individual whom he respected and saw as a friend. The Oddments A black and red spherical object created by the Dark Elfin. It is the first in a series of Seven Oddments, each of which has the power to restore the




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DmC Devil May Cry - All DLCs CODEX Latest

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