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Recobro Vigile is world’s smallest wearable ICU grade patient monitor with wireless connectivity to a central monitoring station or a cloud-enabled remote monitoring. This wearable monitor enables the patient to move freely both within hospital premises as well as at home or anywhere in between. With a full set of vital sign parameters (ECG, SpO2, NiBP, IBP, Temp., Respiration and EtCO2) as well as waveforms, this fully functional patient monitor introduces a new level of mobile monitoring by bringing the patients and doctors closer. Designed and developed by Clarity Medical. Infiniwell has rights to sell it in Europe.

Especially relevant in COVID-19 quarantine situations where patients can be monitored without compromising their recuperation or care-giver safety.

Our solution


​Our Sentio framework provides a slew of benefits. You can monitor your patients where they need to be but as if they were in your hospital premises.

Why is it important?:

Hospitalists and intensivists don't have to be trained in new paradigms.

Patients can stay mobile and totally under your care, especially if they use our Recobro Vigile device.


You, the provider, want to improve your costs structure, improve revenue, so you can provide better care for your patient population. 

Your patients want better care which is more affordable. Patients convalesce better in familiar surroundings. Standard RPM does afford that. However, Infiniwell's Sentio offers much more.

Sentio RPM - what is on the table?

Our intelligent telemedicine platform continuously records high-resolution patient data streams and uses realtime AI models to diagnose and triage patients so that first-line healthcare workers can make better and more informed decisions.

What is the business model?

We offer:

- EaaS - Equipment as a Service

- MaaS - Monitoring as a Service

- AIaaS - AI as a Service

All other, traditional, models are also offered.

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Updated: Dec 22, 2020