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Cost-effective and scalable remote healthcare solutions. Period.

For example, our wearable cardiac monitoring solution is more affordable than competition with added / unique feature like GPS tracking of mobile patients.

We build decision support systems, using your data, so care-provider operations can become more profitable. 

INFINIWELL is a SaaS company in healthcare. Our flagship product SENTIO is device agnostic and allows building of patient centric use cases in healthcare. We use AI / ML to assist humans. Providers can scale their operations efficiently where as payers can benefit from lowered costs.

We focus on telemetry of ICU grade data and its conversion to information, knowledge and, dare we say, wisdom. That is where ours (or yours) pluggable AI models come in.

We combine secure networking with medical devices and AI diagnostics to create one of the world’s first  Real-time Patient-derived Data Management Platforms.

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Fast. Secure. Scalable Healthcare Connectivity.

What We Do

In this new world of "everything distributed", we created an abstraction (a platform if you will) that applies to myriad scenarios almost effortlessly. We work with partners to help deliver solutions that are quick to deploy yet will stand the test of time. Our platform takes device obsolescence into account - day 1. Our AI models clean signals so "you" are not confused. The AI models could be ours or yours. They can be cascaded or replaced. If you are a startup or an established company - you can use our solutions to accelerate your application.

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An incomplete list of our various engagements and applications


Remote Patient Monitoring

Population health control has been gaining traction in the US and rest of the world. CMS has authorized 4 CPT codes that allow efficient deployment of RPM. Find out how our solution can help you achieve your goals.


POST-OP Realtime Monitoring of Patients

Use our solutions to improve patient outcomes AND improve through put. Talk to us about our Honduras deployment.


Real-time Holter monitoring

We are working with our partners in the middle east to bring real-time and accurate holter monitoring. They wanted an efficient and cost effective solution that was also unique. It had to be designed with local population in mind and not just and imported solution.


Monitoring health of off-shore workers

We are working with off-shore health service provider companies who want to reduce false positive while providing total care. Benefits are many fold and multifaceted - worker morale / productivity / retention - all improve.

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We are HIPAA compliant

Certifications and Registrations

At Infiniwell, we take our Quality, Certifications and Registrations very seriously. We work with the Compliancy Group to ensure that your PHI is safe and stays confidential.

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