We help healthcare providers deliver better and faster care to more patients by equipping them with state-of-the-art AI-powered diagnostic tools, technology and processes.

Hospital has left the building

Assistive Intelligence for Healthcare Professionals

When timelines shrink, everyone wins

We know that with a patient-first approach we can reduce the time between first contact and final diagnosis. Shortening the diagnostic timeline has numerous positive effects, including lower cost, higher efficiency, better quality of care and most of all an improved experience for both patients and caregivers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

AI-Assisted Digital Workflow

Infiniwell's digital workflow connects cardiologists and neurologists with physicians and caregiver staff anywhere in the world - within the local community or across the globe.


Our Assistive Intelligence AI tools speed up the EEG/ECG waveform interpretation process so that specialists can handle more cases without sacrificing quality of care.


Combined with our internet-based secure ecosystem, we give more patients access to the diagnostic care they need.

AI-Assisted Products

Getting a clean sensor reading from a medical device can be challenging. noise and interference can be picked up from many sources, including patient movement. Infiniwell's patent-pending technology helps clean up the biometric signals and deliver accurate readings.

Taking advantage of Assistive Intelligence shouldn't have to rely on an active internet connection. That is why we license our AI technology to medical device manufacturers, enabling them to power their products with proactive analysis.

AI is at the heart of our digital workflow

With Infiniwell's connected ecosystem, you have access to patient waveforms, a suggested AI-powered diagnostic analysis and the specialists's final report. View waveforms on-screen, whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Read and make annotations using intuitive UI controls, and generate patient reports with a diagnosis and supporting data.

Put AI to work in service of professionals

AI-assisted technologies are in a unique position to help make healthcare workers more effective by reducing routine workload. However machines and technology should not be in charge of healthcare decisions for humans, but rather take an assistive role in helping healthcare professionals make the best decisions they possibly can.

A fully integrated and scalable ecosystem

Secure cloud-based portal connecting clinics, physicians and specialists for the purpose of exchanging diagnostic waveform data and interpretations.

For clinics and physicians

  • Upload waveform recordings to our web-scale system

  • Work with a cardiologist within your local community - or on a different continent.

  • Receive a fully annotated diagnostic report online as soon as the specialist has completed their evaluation

For cardiologists and neurologists

  • Work on cases online, wherever you are

  • Browse, view and annotate diagnostic waveforms easily with a modern user interface.

  • Spend less time searching through data: Focus directly on areas of concern highlighted by our AI

  • Create customized final reports supported by annotated waveforms and your notes. 

Assistive Intelligence provides immediate interpretation of ECG and EEG signals along with a suggested diagnosis.


  • Our trained AI models excel at identifying complex patterns associated with cardiovascular or neurological conditions.

  • Provides a valuable and objective second opinion to specialists when deciding on patient diagnosis

  • Looking for characteristic patterns in a diagnostic waveform can be difficult and exhausting, especially if the recorded waveform is several hours long. Let the AI find the needle in the stack of needles.

  • Sage 2nd Opinion can help interpret waveform recordings or be applied to real-time signals from patient monitors, providing continuous patient evaluation.

Check in on patients 24/7 from anywhere with Infiniwell’s secure cloud-connected telemedicine portal


  • Suitable for hospital ward or at-home monitoring, enabled by integration of patient monitors from 3rd party manufacturers.

  • Access any patient monitor connected within our ecosystem, enabled by integration of 3rd party medical devices

  • Browse historical monitoring data and view current patient condition

  • Apply Sage 2nd Opinion to connected patient monitors in real-time, alerting medical staff of possible trouble if the AI detects anything of concern.

Infiniwell’s technology is available for integration into 3rd-party products.

  • Integrate AI technology inside OEM devices to enable on-device execution of Sage 2nd Opinion AI models

  • Integrate via streaming data and/or data files to participate in the infiniwell cloud-based ecosystem

Equip everyone with the best tools possible

We offer state-of-the-art AI-assisted diagnostic tools that do the heavy lifting and allow medical professionals to focus on what they do best: evaluate each patient uniquely based on the best possible information at hand.

We help healthcare providers deliver better and faster care to more patients by equipping them with state-of-the-art AI-powered diagnostic tools, technology and processes.

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Updated: Dec 22, 2020