Cloud-based Central Monitoring Station with real-time AI Analysis

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Break the constraints of brick-and-mortar buildings to unshackle patients from the hospital bed and provide advanced monitoring capability at home or wherever life leads you.

A word about INFINIWELL

Infiniwell's main mission is enabling distributed healthcare - to improve patient outcomes and business cases.

What is Sentio?

Sentio is Infiniwell's scalable cloud-based 24/7 Remote Patient Monitoring, Care and Diagnostic platform which uses artificial intelligence analysis to assist in clinical decision making. High-resolution vital sign data is continuously recorded and analyzed in real-time by advanced AI models to produce high-quality information to first-line healthcare workers.

Sentio enables healthcare providers to implement new de-centralized healthcare services as an adjunct to the traditional brick-and-mortal of today's clinics.

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For patients

Benefit from the convenience of home-based or community based services instead of meeting at hospitals or clinics. Eliminate waiting-room time.

For clinicians

Provide better care with high-quality insights from 24/7 monitoring and web-accessible information in real-time.

For providers

Expand into the distributed healthcare market and reduce readmissions by meeting and keeping patients closer to home.

Sentio is deep learning, smart and ground breaking


Hospital has left the building

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Cloud-based Central Monitoring Station with real-time AI Analysis

Organize all your monitored patients in unlimited virtual hospital wards with assigned medical teams. Proactive monitoring and advanced AI analytics keep an eye on all the individual data streams while the medical team view and communicates on patient cases using the Team Communication Hub. Sentio records all incoming high-resolution data streams in the background, giving the medical teams the best possible insight into each patient's situation. Sentio monitors your patients 24/7 without break, never gets tired and never misses a beat.

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Remote monitoring

Break the constraints of brick-and-mortar buildings to unshackle patients from the hospital bed and provide monitoring and diagnostic capability at home. With high-quality vital sign data it is possible to safely move some patients away from the hospital and still have the necessary visibility and confidence to decide on intervention. Open up for the possibility of new services and healthcare delivery models.

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Continuous monitoring

Sentio is architected using web-scale technologies to ensure that we can ingest high volumes of patient data. Our secure communication architecture ensures delivery of every data packet, making sure nothing is lost and everything is stored in the patient journal. It's like having a digital video recorder (DVR) for your patient monitor. Rewind / fast-forward / inspect / zoom. View data in real-time using a web browser, mobile phone or tablet.

Scale up. Scale Down.

Scale is important, especially if you are a small to medium size provider. We believe solutions must be viable at any scale, whether you are monitoring 5 beds or 500. Sentio scales up and down as your capacity demand fluctuates, allowing healthcare providers to cover demand peaks and reduce cost during low demand times. Our flexible subscription model means you only pay for what you need when you need it. Move beyond rigid capital purchases that result in excess capacity.

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Digital Patient Journal with high-resolution data storage

We store every bit of information on every patient in a digital patient journal. Securely. Every heartbeat, every message, every AI analysis, every observation is accessible to the medical team. View hours and days of historical trend data, zoom in on ECG waveform segments and run deep AI analysis to find the needle in the haystack. Our AI engine finds the interesting journal parts for you, saving you valuable time / cost / lives.

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Team Communication Hub

Information is only useful if it's used. Sentio's Team Communication Hub enables effective messaging and sharing of information between medical team members with role-based visibility preserving patient privacy. View and comment on patient journals, chat with team members and escalate along pre-defined escalation paths for fast decision-making and intervention.

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Sentio for clinicians and providers

De-centralized healthcare opens up new revenue streams

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Primary Care Physicians

Follow your patients at home with Sentio RPM and a get a better understanding of the patient's condition before making a recommendation to see a specialist.



Sentio's Connected Holter application records high-resolution 3-or-5 lead ECG (EKG) data and streams continuously to our cloud-based journaling system, instantly view the patient's heart waveforms in real-time and perform deep AI analysis to pre-diagnose 30+ different arrhythmia conditions. Decide on interventions earlier, or decide to extend monitoring duration without the patient returning to the office.

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Nursing Homes

Avoid inconvenient and expensive patient transfers by having the medical specialist "come to you". With Sentio RPM you can monitor nursing home residents and get medical advice from doctors and specialists without traveling anywhere.

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Insurance Companies

Provide higher quality of care by equipping corporate healthcare nurses with portable and easy-to-use ECG (EKG) screenings. Augment cholesterol and blood pressure measurements with ECG (EKG) screenings to catch health problems while they are treatable with lifestyle changes, not medications.

Channel and Clinical Partners



  • Launched 2018

  • First version of Sentio created and deployed for trials - 2019

  • Chosen as UNDP partner - 2019

  • Partners with Clarity Medical for Recobro trials - 2019

  • Partners with St Olav Hospital for Cardiology trials - 2020-

  • Partners with Telenor/Microsoft-Azure to demo 5G streaming data... more info/news to follow.

  • HIPAA compliant - July 2021





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Enables de-centralized healthcare services

Eliminates unnecessary patient visits

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