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The Team

100+ combined years of core team experience


Odd Sandbekkhaug

CEO and co-founder

Multi-national program management and leadership for mission-critical systems development. 

Career spanning Norway, USA, Canada and Germany


Navjit Brar

COO and co-founder

Chief Architect at Fujitsu on the FIOS project.
Co-founder of Clarity Medical Devices, India’s top 3 medical devices company.
Career spanning India, Australia and USA


David Bragg, MD.


Practiced medicine in the Dallas, TX area for 30+ years. 
Medical Director of Clinical Integration at Baylor Scott White. Senior Vice-President, Medical Informatics.


Ashok Dandekar


Quality Director, Fujitsu Labs, USA. 
Director of Quality and Program Management at Fujitsu. 
ASQ Fellow. Co-Author of TL9000 quality standard.

Team: Team Members
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