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SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, with help from Innovation Norway, conducted a feasibility study to evaluate the scope of Intelligent Telemedicine in Malawi, Africa.

he main purpose of the study was to utilize SINTEF's network in Malawi to obtain a qualified opinion about possibilities of introducing intelligent telemedicine in the health services in Malawi and more precisely the feasibility of using Clarity Medical’s Recobro Vigile, the world’s smallest ICU/OT grade, CE marked, cloud connected patient monitor. The study comprised testing the technical infrastructure of the system in Malawi and meetings/consultations with key stakeholders within the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Malawi.

Feedback during the consultations unambiguously confirmed the relevance of introducing the patient monitor in Malawi. It was underlined that the monitor would fill a gap in current services, as easy access to measuring and monitoring many of the parameters included in the monitor are missing in Malawi. The advantages of low cost, easy operation and small size make the monitor particularly relevant to the Malawi context, in addition to the high clinical relevance of the key vital parameters. The monitor would fill a gap in the current services in the country. 

According to the report published by SINTEF, “Testing of the technical infrastructure was successful and the feedback from the consultative meetings recommend that a protocol for a pilot study is developed and implemented. The combination Recobro Vigile from Clarity Medical with Sentio (software and AI product from Infiniwell AS) creates a mobile and internet-connected monitoring station capable of transmitting, storing, and sharing patient vital signs across the internet. The solution represents a huge opportunity to decentralize monitoring of parameters, which can have important clinical implications. While the intelligent monitor will improve services regardless of the level of health services where it is implemented, the monitor can potentially improve services for the underserved rural population around the globe by bringing specialized clinical expertise closer to the people. This solution can be used in a Point of Care (PoC) situation as a diagnostic tool and becomes a mobile extension of the central hospital.”

Also concerning applicability, the Recobro monitor, combined with Infiniwell’s Sentio (Data and AI platform) will represent an important step forward compared to the current situation. 

Recent developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and its expected spread to African countries, also creates an opportunity. Malawi has a vulnerable health care system and the solution combining Sentio and Recobro Vigile can be extremely useful tools for monitoring COVID-19 patients.

Additional key findings being quoted from the SINTEF report are:

  • The medical device and accessories fit into a small suitcase and can be powered by a 6-hour battery. 

  • By using an ICU-grade patient monitor which is capable of recording ECG waveforms we can perform an on-site preliminary check-up and determine if a more thorough examination is required at a hospital center.

  • Recobro is simple enough to be operated by semi-skilled healthcare workers with basic training.

  • Doctors and specialists can view the data from the preliminary check-up to assist with the on-site diagnosis.


  • Traveling doctors, nurses, midwives, and healthcare workers can bring with them a virtual doctor’s office.

  • Doctors and specialists can help evaluate patients in remote areas without traveling.

  • The AI engine can pre-process and identify the most interesting parts of the patient data reducing the workload on the doctor.


  • Patients can get access to diagnostic care close to home without traveling distances to the nearest hospital.

  • The hospital comes to the patient, not the other way around.


  • Reach patients in rural areas that otherwise would be out of reach.

  • Expand the patient base without significant increase in staff.

Recobro Vigile™ combines a powerful hardware platform with software employing advanced Digital Signal Processing techniques to achieve accuracy even under the most challenging conditions. It is a telemetry-monitoring device, which makes the mobility of patients easier. Its compact size and lightweight make it an ideal choice for continuous real time patient monitoring and telemetry of all vital parameters, even during transportation. Sufficient battery backup and hot swappable battery allows seamless operation during power failure.

For more information on Recobro Vigile, visit this link.

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