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Young Businesswomen

We are Hiring!

It is exciting times to be a young startup in healthcare and artificial intelligence. Time for disruption, if ever there was one, is now and it is here!

Are you an out-of-the-box thinker, disrupter who also knows how to work with other people - as we need to value all opinions right? Right. But you can stay the course to prove your convictions.

If this kinda defines you, please apply at Send us your resume and we will be sure to respond - either way

Remote Monitoring Solution Sales

We are looking for dynamic people with (some) experience. Although we love new graduates, we would rather start when you have a 2-3 years of sales cycle know-how under your belt.

AI/ML Deep Learning Experts

We are looking for Jedi's who are adept at creating diverse models as we have tons of multivariate data that we need to process, drive solutions from and get back to applications in matter of hours. Bring your light sabre.

Regulatory Expert in FDA and CE/MDR

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, would be to navigate the complicated waters of certifications that pertain to our solutions as and when necessary. You will interact and project manage our team of world wide consultants vis-a-vis country registrations also.

General Manager, Revenue Cycle

For this responsibility think revenue cycle management. Our myriad solutions necessitate some creative ways of billing, charging and payment. There are cases where no online banking (or any banking) maybe available (rural Africa) - what innovation would you bring to bear. The answers are all there (we are sure) - how to seamlessly integrate into our offerings with US tax laws in mind is something you wil

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