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Monitor patients in real-time while flying commercial

RPM is a term that is associated with monitoring of patients. However, it is best described as "keeping a lazy eye on prospective patients". It is population health control and lot of startups (and established companies) are trying to implement profitably. It continues to be a struggle as there is not a company out there who can make money just based on population health control. That means how can remote patients be monitored and why should they be, in a business sense + patient outcomes domain. The answer is "do it in the now" - as complementary to telemedicine - perhaps.

With that preface, we at INFINIWELL are into remote patient monitoring but this is the true (pronounced as /tro͞o/) and real-time monitoring of subjects. Let us not call them patients as they could be fitter-than-all-of-us athletes or military personnel or EMS (Emergency Medical Services) staff taking care of a patient or fire fighters.

Here is an actual run of monitoring two simulated patients out of Trondheim, Norway while flying commercial from Dallas, TX to Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was an American Airlines flight with Wifi onboard. A "care giver" could keep an eye on his/her "wards" in real-time.... and could interact with staff closer to the "patient".

Our real-time AI (where available) would keep a sharp eye on the subject even when you were not looking.

At Infiniwell, we are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.... to catch bad before it gets ugly... and our hope is, someday, we can tell you, with enough notice, that something is bad is going to happen unless "you" do things differently.

Another dry-run we did was with patient with a wearable device being monitored from the ground. Yes. It does presuppose connectivity in the flying vessel but if there, it opens up a slew of options - commercial airlines now can have much better avenues of risk assessment of unwell passengers while flying.

There is a famous scene in "Crocodile Dundee" in which Dundee and his girl friend are is confronted by a bunch of punks and threatened with a smallish knife. To that, he responds "that is not a knife... this is a knife" - brandishing his bowie cutter.

To paraphrase Dundees, "that is not RPM... (Infiniwell's bowie knife) is a RPM"

Take (health) care.

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