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June 4, 2021

Meeting of the minds always helps. In COVID times, when you get to meet in person, it is just awesome. Infiniwell's senior management met in person in Plano with exception of Odd who had to attend via Skype. 

In a very unusual move, we are creating this post to share "how we think" and "what are we onto". 

First and foremost, we reaffirmed our mission (and tagline) that "Hospital has left the building". We want to accelerate it. COVID has shown that patient can't or won't go to the hospitals. Existing infrastructure of hospitals and caregivers is central to the hilt, despite some movement towards "care at home". That is the right direction but at the rate we are going (pre-INFINIWELL), even basic match will show that it will take decades to have the requisite effect and impact.

INFINIWELL wants to accelerate the decentralization of hospital level care. Please note a video call does not qualify. That is mostly for human comfort but clinically it is severally lacking as caregivers (in their own admission) are "flying blind". 

More to come....

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