Our Product Portfolio

Our offerings are diverse and we are always adding to our solutions universe. We are device and disease agnostic yet patient centric. This reflects in everything we do. Due to this malleability, any of modules and features can be adapted or included in all customer facing solutions.

Sentio SKYLINK by Infiniwell

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March 1, 2019

SKYLINK is our Architecture and its set of APIs. It is extensible and does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the application. Imagine what cloud providers did for acceleration of application use cases. We take that paradigm to next several levels. We license Skyvej and maintain the backbone of your data acquisition and transformation

Sentio CRITICARE by Infiniwell


February 1, 2020

Sentio CRITICARE is a product suite that caters to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) paradigm. RPM comes in many flavors. In US, population health control features prominently. In other scenarios, realtime data acquired and presented to remote care givers falls in this category be it with different names and features.

Sentio PHARLAP by Infiniwell

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June 1, 2021

We are disease, device and industry agnostic. Our architecture and APIs are extremely easy to adapt. This allowed us to create a turnkey product. It was launched in US recently and is ready for worldwide deployment.
It relies on third party devices, which are interfaced with PHARLAP. Veterinarians collaborate in remote OT procedures and then monitor patients while they recuperate.