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Our Product Portfolio

Our offerings are diverse and we are always adding to our solutions universe. We are device and disease agnostic yet patient centric. This reflects in everything we do. Due to this malleability, any of modules and features can be adapted or included in all customer facing solutions.

Sentio Cardiac Monitoring


November 1, 2021

We provide end-to-end solution in Cardiac Monitoring that is elegant to deploy and is at a cost point that is very attractive to providers and payers.

With our solutions remote extended cardiac monitoring becomes very scalable. One of the primary benefits we offer is a HUGE increase in percentage of analyzable data to more than 95%. Other benefits:

  • Scale in a COVID proof way.

  • Extend your reach into underserved areas.

  • Ability to seamlessly move into real-time remote patient monitoring using our advanced automation modules.

Click on this link by our CMO, Dr David Bragg to find out more.

Sentio CRITICARE by Infiniwell


February 1, 2020

Sentio CRITICARE is a product suite that caters to Realtime Remote Patient Monitoring and Care. 

Use cases that it covers:

  • Post-op monitoring

  • Acute and subacute monitoring

  • Chronic care and management, especially with acute worsening status

  • Workplace safety and monitoring

  • Realtime data display for EMS applications

  • COVID quarantine monitoring

It can be deployed at scale and we use explainable automation to help improve patient outcomes cost-effectively.

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