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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Here to Help

How Can I Request a Demo?

Please contact us at We will be happy to provide you a complete walk thru of the system. We could probably create an unattended demo portal but we feel a lot of points would be lost unless a live guide was present. This is not to say that Sentio is hard to navigate (we are biased of course) but that we respect your time want to put the best foot forward.

How Can I Invest in Your Startup?

We are always looking for investors and mentors. We sincerely believe that we are building the lego blocks (not our trademark) of healthcare - blocks that will help accelerate the much needed disruption in healthcare and beyond. Reach out to us at and we talk.

Do You Have Intern Positions?

We are always looking for interns (future employees) with one difference. It is not the degree (or pursuit thereof) that we are hung up on. The things that we value the most is imagination, passion and ability to communicate effectively. If you that person, send us the resume at

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